Eva is the fringiest native Catalan in Barcelona. Since an early age, she's always been obsessed with clothes but never with trends as it's much more fun to go backset. She's already had her own personal style and made her own clothes. On her first year of Fashion BA, she started making corsets. As soon as she started learning about fashion history, she fell madly in love with the vintage shapes of the golden era.

After 10 years in the glamour and glitz of the show business industry, she started handcrafting her favourite daily pieces inspired by her vintage finds which she elevated to a luxurious contemporary feel.

Her style is a fringe, sexy and glamorous mix for the 50's-70's. She craves to create whole new designs inspired by her not remove old Hollywood, not remove new Barcelona esthetics that women can integrate into their own creative personal style.

She's Eva Bayrak, who are you?